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Features : - Sleek design - Food safe material - Better durability - Rust free clean water - Better Durability - Hygenic - Universal tap bush (Female thread tap bush M22 & Male thread tap bush M24) - Simple lever lets you choose between filtered and unfiltered mode - Easy installation - Ergonomic design - Convenience - Unfiltered water are advise to use for washing - Filtered water are advice to use for drinking and cooking - High efficiency 3-layer non-woven fabric filter and powdered activated carbon removes odour, chlorine, sediment, turbidiy and rust - Easy installation onto many types of faucet head - 15mm (1/2” BSP) easy installation adapter - Colour : White & Red JOVEN JP200C PURIFIER CARTRIDGE / KARTUS PENULEN ( 3-LAYER NON-WOVEN FABRIC FILTER ) Features : - High Efficiency 3-Layer Non-Woven . - Fabric Filter and Powdered Activated Carbon Removes. - Odour - Chlorine - Sediment / Turbidity - Rust Purifier Cartridge Replacement - Turn Off the water tap before replacing the purifier catridge. 1. Rotate the WP Body top counter clockwise and remove it from the WP Body. 2. Pull Out the cartridge from the WP body. 3. Push in and twist the new Cartridge until lock to position. 4. Push and gently tighten WP body top to the WP body until firmly secure. 5. Ensure the selector valve is at filtered mode. 6. Turn on the tap and let water rinse the water purifier for 3 minutes.